We do the running around So you can do what you want.

Today’s hectic lifestyle and business landscape demands fast worry-free deliveries. ZipSendr has a passion to help small businesses and individuals get whatever they want...when they need.

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ZipSendr for Small Business

It’s getting tougher and tougher to be retailer or independent professional in today’s marketplace. Small businesses are being challenged from all directions. We understand those problems and provide a same day delivery solution that fits your business and volume.


  1. Scalable fleet – our solution scales with your demand making it easier on your bottom line
  2. Real-time tracking – from driver acceptance to delivery...follow the sprinter’s every move
  3. Personalized delivery – customize notifications and messages delivered by the sprinter to fit your brand
  4. Fast, Faster, Fastest – same day delivery with 3 different speeds...select your priority

ZipSendr for Individuals

For busy people, time with family and work is precious. We help give you more time by picking up stuff for you. Dry cleaning, gifts, or anything else you need...we go get. And for those “forgetful” people, we give them peace of mind and keep them stress free by delivering what they forgot.


  1. Save time & energy – don’t waste time or gas running those errands
  2. Fast reliable delivery – one set of hands from pickup to delivery on the same day
  3. Make life easier – Don’t waste time in line sending parcels...we deliver door-to-door
  4. Big or small we deliver – From envelopes to boxes, if it fits in a car we can deliver in town
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Stuff delivered atThe speed of light

Ok maybe not that fast, but we will make you and your customers smile. Give the "now" crowd what they want...when they want.

Enter Info & Quote Deliveries

Enter address & package information and get a quote to deliver your item

Schedule Pickup

Schedule a pickup for in-town deliveries and notify your customers.

Real-Time Tracking & Delivery Confirmation

Detailed tracking of your item from start to finish with your Brand

Who uses ZipSendr?

Here are just some examples of the businesses that use ZipSendr. Use your imagination and find a way to deliver fast and delight your customers.


Customers want things fast…give them what they want

Auto Shops

Parts, tires, or anything else that needs to be transferred between locations

Legal/CPA Firms

Documents can be signed same day rather than being sent by mail and being late or lost


Forgotten items like laptops, suits and that all important presentation...we unite them with their owners.

Shipping Stores

Let us go pickup your customers' shipments and let you pack and ship them

Print Shops

Orders that were placed last minute and have to get there yesterday!

Real Estate/Mortgage Co's

Closings are stressful especially getting the documents in time

This is just the start...