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Businesses, give your customers the convenience of same-day delivery for their purchases.  Today's consumers are busier than ever and demand "immediate gratification".

Individuals, we can help keep your life on schedule by running those "pick up and drop-off" errands.  Whether you're forgetful or busy, we save you time and frustration.

What Can ZipSendr Do For You?

ZipSendr has a passion to help small businesses compete in today’s “Need it NOW!” economy. We work with your small business to design what works for your business model and can help increase your sales revenue and customer counts. We keep your customers from turning to your competitors (even the big one that starts with “A”) by delivering and satisfying their craving for instant gratification.

On-demand Delivery

Last-minute delivery whether for web purchases (B2C) or things that just absolutely positively have to get there soon. Satisfy the needs of today's busy individuals (C2C), with fast convenient delivery. Give them the option to stay out of traffic.

Custom Delivery

Customized delivery solutions for your unique business model and needs.  If you have a unique product or want white-glove delivery, then we can make that happen.

Scheduled Delivery

Pre-scheduled daily or weekly pickup and delivery with fixed or variable routes. Our volume rates may make sending same-day worthwhile compared to next-day.

Inventory Balance

Don't lose a sale because you don't have inventory in stock.  We can help ensure the sale by transferring inventory between locations or picking up and delivering to the customer directly.

e-Commerce Delivery

We can do direct to consumer (D2C) deliveries for the local online businesses with no physical store-front.  Let us deliver your products quickly and conveniently within hours.

Strategic Warehousing

Shorten delivery times and delivery costs by warehousing inventory around town (W2C). Sell to your most loyal customers no matter where they live in the city. Or test new areas before opening a new location.

Delivering Success

Delivering Sales

Increase sales by offering the option of on-demand delivery and not losing the last-minute buyers

Delivering Growth

In today's day and age, customers look for convenience and speed. Give them what they want

Delivering Loyalty

Customers frequent places of business that give them what they need when they need


Some Of Our Merchant Partners


Let's Take Delivery to the Next Level

Flexible and Committed

"Once we met ZipSendr we knew we found a partner that would be able to maintain the quality we promise to our customers. Thank you for allowing us to focus on making food (what we do best) while you handle the logistics”

Jennifer P.

Pharm To Table

Fast and Convenient

"Thanks for providing us with such an outstanding delivery service! You guys rock!

Amanda W.

Southern Baked Pie

Friendly and Cordial

"ZipSendr delivered my medications on time and the person delivering it was most friendly and cordial. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who could use that type of service."

Jon R.


Print Items

Some Items

We Deliver

 ZipSendr can pick up and deliver a variety of things from a whole list of industries.   From clothing to medicine and documents to desktops.  We deliver what's needed.

Some Industries

We Serve

  • Pharmacies

  • Boutiques

  • Print Shops

  • Specialty Catering

  • Bakeries

  • Law Firms

  • CPA Firms

  • Architectural Firms

  • Dental Labs

  • Dentists

Contact Info

Phone: 805.635.SEND (6373)

Email: hello@zipsendr.com


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