Local Delivery for Our Busy Lifestyles

ZipSendr simplifies the lives of busy people by offering local delivery that is simple, fast, and flexible enough to meet the needs of any small business or individual. Discover how ZipSendr can help you or your business.

At ZipSendr we don't just deliver...we strive to provide the very best customer experience.  We hope to develop a personal connection with each and every customer at every delivery.

We Deliver

When you absolutely, positively, have to get it there today, ZipSendr makes that happen. We use drivers that are committed to making deliveries on time and on schedule. No more "unaccepted" missed orders from those gig-economy providers.

On-demand Delivery

Provide "need it now" satisfaction and convenience for those last minute purchases. Remember, 55% of customers would return if expedited delivery was offered.

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Scheduled Delivery

Pre-scheduled daily or weekly pickup and delivery with fixed or variable routes. Our volume rates may make sending same-day worthwhile compared to next-day shipping.

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Customized Delivery

Every business has unique delivery challenges. We work with you to formulate the most efficient, personalized, and practical  solution for your business model. We deliver the way your business and your customers demand.

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Strategic Warehousing

Shorten delivery times and costs by warehousing inventory around town (W2C). Sell to your most loyal customers no matter where they live in the city. Or test new markets before opening a location.

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Pack of Components

We help save time & headache

Let ZipSendr go pickup or deliver whatever you need.

  • Did you forget something? We can go pick it up.
  • Busy with life and can't be at two places as once? We can help take the load off.
  • Can't leave home? We can help with that and make your life easier, calmer, and more convenient.
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Some Industries We Serve


We train our Sprinters (Drivers) on HIPPA rules and regulations and we provide the Proof of Delivery (PoD) requirements that pharmacies require. Don't deal with medications "lost in the mail". Allow ZipSendr to decrease the number of people handling the product.


55% of consumers switch to a competing brand if they provide faster delivery. We help satisfy the "need it now" mentality of today's consumers. Let us help your small business stay relevant and compete with Amazon.

Professional Firms

The couriers of yesterday just don't compare with the technology we provide. Instant quoting, real-time tracking, and return service. Let us get your docs in order

Dental Labs

Give your dental clients the quick service they need. Chair-time is important and we help you help your dentists turnaround patients faster with same-day and scheduled pickup and delivery.


On-demand or scheduled delivery is important in today's world. We help smaller boutique grocers compete in today's environment.


e-Commerce competes with Amazon and other larger retailers. Let us help deliver your product to your local customers faster. We make Direct to Consumer possible for the small e-commerce businesses.

Alcohol Retail

Georgia just passed HB-769 in 2020. We help alcohol retailers by taking the delivery headache out of their hands so they can focus on their core business. Deliver your beer, wine, or spirits from retail location to consumer on-demand.


For the forgetful, busy, lazy, or confined, we make lives easier by picking up or delivering anything you need. Picking up stuff or dropping-off keys we give a helping hand making your life more convenient.
Size: Small
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 15-20 min
Cost: $10-25

Fast Flexible Delivery

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Features of ZipSendr

Quick Online Scheduling

Select a pickup time, a delivery speed, and Instantly get a price all in less than 60 seconds.

Status Notifications

Get SMS and/or online notifications when your Sprinter (Driver) is on the way to pickup, get an ETA, know when the delivery has started, and when the order is complete.

Live Real-time Tracking

Track your Sprinter when they are on the way. Know precisely when they will arrive and stay informed of delays and arrivals.

Order History

Keep track of the orders you've made and save the addresses for even faster order scheduling in the future.


Collect ZiPoints for each order you schedule and each account you refer. Use your ZiPoints for discounts off your future deliveries.

Friendly Support

Live chat and email support for questions about orders or just about anything.

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