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Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate expedited local same-day delivery for small businesses and individuals.  Small businesses, offices, and professionals should have access to the same services and technology the big e-commerce and retail giants use.  We want to help provide that tech and service to make your business more competitive and create a level playing field.

Life is busy these days and Individuals need a helping hand with reliable item transportation.  ZipSendr helps anyone that needs something picked up, delivered, or returned, so they can continue with their busy lives without interruption. 

Our Values

Hard Work

We value hard work and doing things right, the first time.  We will take the time to go the extra mile (no pun intended).

Unity among Diversity

As they say, there is no "I" in TEAM.  So, teams need to work together, despite their differences.  There are strengths in all of us.  Learning to see beyond the differences, and see the positive in everyone, is key to harmony and success.


We are not perfect, but we strive to improve.  Knowing our strengths and weaknesses helps to make the team stronger and always willing to get better, do better, be better.

"In the Joy of Others"

Doing what is right and beneficial to others is essential for a good relationship.  We believe in making others happy and doing everything in our power to do so.​

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Our Story

Once upon a time, I got ready to go out and realized my wife had gone to work and taken both sets of keys to her car and my car.  I could have taken a ride-share but I needed something out of my car.  So, I was stuck home unless she came back with a key.  So she had to leave work, drive 30 minutes to bring me the keys.

From that moment the initial thoughts of ZipSendr began in 2017.  After research, design and development, we went live in 2018 with a handful of drivers and a few businesses to support.  After some time, we realized that in order to help the most businesses, we needed to make a technology shift. So now, in 2021 we are moving to a tech-based business model to coordinate the pickup and delivery needs of individuals and small businesses with companies that specialize in day-to-day local logistics.

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