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The Plans


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Start with this free plan with no upfront or recurring costs.

Pay only for the local deliveries made.  Get started in minutes.

Start sending today!

For Personal or Business

Key Features

  • Online scheduling

  • Real-time status notifications

  • Live driver tracking

  • On-demand orders

  • Pre-scheduled orders

  • Order history

  • Savable address book


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Take your brand from store to the customer's door.

Keep your brand front and center and top of mind.

We deliver your brand!

For Business

Key Features

  • Standard features plus...

  • White-label technology

  • Customized status notifications

  • Branded live tracking

  • Branded email notifications

  • Enhanced order dashboard


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Win new customers and increase revenue by using the latest location-based marketing to target your competitor's customers.

For Business

Key Features

  • Add on to any account

  • Geo-location customer tagging

  • Location-based tracking

  • Competitor geo-fencing

  • Visitor tracking

  • Conversion tracking

We Deliver

Don't Courier...ZipSendr

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