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What Georgia Retailers Need to Know About Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol bottles

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery of all kinds of goods has been on the rise. This includes the delivery of alcohol as it gets legalized by many states including the state of Georgia. Just recently in August, the state of Georgia passes House Bill 879 which allows for alcohol retailers and third-party delivery services to make alcohol delivery to consumers.

Being such a new law, we wanted to answer a few basic Frequently Asked Questions for retailers that are considering the possibility of adding delivery to their arsenal. Use the below questions and answers to think through the possibility of adding delivery to your services as a retailer.

Who is authorized to deliver?

  • A retailer licensed by the state of Georgia, county, and/or city, to sell alcohol in the local jurisdiction

  • Delivery can be done by an employee who is trained and certified for alcohol delivery.

  • A third-party delivery service that uses drivers that are trained and certified for alcohol delivery

What can a retailer send out for delivery?

  • Beer, wine, and distilled spirits in the original unbroken container that was sealed by the original manufacturer can be sold for delivery

Why should a retailer provide alcohol delivery?

  • Convenience for the customer

  • Safety of the customer when it comes to COIVD-19

  • Possible increased sales due to the ability to offer the convenience

  • The possibility to increase your sales area by reaching customers further away from the retailer

Where can alcohol be delivered?

  • Alcohol can be delivered by the retailer within the local jurisdiction they are authorized to sell in.

When can retailers deliver?

  • Alcohol deliveries must be delivered on a day and time when the sales of beer, wine, and distilled spirits, is permitted by the local jurisdiction that the retailer operates in.

Who can purchase and accept alcohol deliveries?

  • The individual purchasing the alcohol MUST have an "account" created with the retailer ensuring they are 21 years of age and older, prior to the sale and delivery.

  • Just as in a live sale at the location of an alcohol retailer, the person accepting the order MUST be 21 years of age and older AND must not be intoxicated.

What compliance items need to be adhered to by the alcohol retailer?

  • The account information of the purchaser must be maintained for 3 years.

  • Delivery person's background and driving records as well as certification for alcohol delivery must be maintained.

  • Delivery records for all orders must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

  • If using a third-party delivery service, the agreement and access to their driver records and delivery records must be available for 3 years.

Why is a third-party delivery service beneficial?

  • Lower's liability for the retailer

  • Decreases paperwork and record-keeping for the retailer

  • Third-party services allow for fluctuating delivery demand

How does ZipSendr help?

  • ZipSendr performs and maintains the background checks and motor vehicle checks for all drivers.

  • ZipSendr takes on the liability of any issues with driver accidents and injuries and is insured for such possibilities.

  • ZipSendr allows for quick and easy scheduling of deliveries via their web portal and mobile apps (coming soon).

  • ZipSendr allows the retailer to be up and running within 24 hours with no equipment to purchase or lease.

ZipSendr does NOT take a percentage of the purchase and only charges a fee for the delivery which can be passed on, split, or borne by the retailer, as per their order requirements.

  • ZipSendr provides real-time tracking and status of all orders along with electronic Proof of Delivery (PoD)

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding rules and regulations. So, for further information please reach out to the ZipSendr team to understand specifics about the regulations, delivery process, and how we can help develop a customized delivery strategy for your business.


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