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On-demand, Scheduled, Route, and Custom Pricing

Simple Pricing

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ZipSendr has delivery solutions based on your needs. Take a look below to see which solution fits your business or personal needs. Lead-time, distance, travel-time, delivery urgency, optional services, and weekly delivery volume determine the pricing of for orders.
Personal & Business
On-demand Pricing
Per Delivery
Delivery Pricing Depends on Lead-time, Distance, Travel Time, Speed, and Surge-time.
For Personal or Business Use
Features: Instant Quoting and Scheduling, Notifications, Real-time Tracking, Proof of Delivery, and Delivery History
No Billing or Invoicing (Online Credit Card Payments)
No Excuses
Create Free Account, Get a Quote, or Start Sending Today
Small Business
Scheduled & Route Pricing
Per Delivery
Pricing Depends on Pickup and Delivery Zip Codes, Delivery Spread, Weekly Volume, and Custom Options
For Small Business, e-Commerce, and Professional Office Use
Features: Daily Scheduled Pickup, Notifications, Real-time Tracking, Proof of Delivery, Delivery History
Weekly Invoiced Billing
Sprinters (Drivers) Trained to handle your business' particular needs.  (HIPAA Trained and Alcohol Delivery Certified)
Real-time Delivery Status and Driver Communication
Request Free Consultation
Small Business
Customized Delivery Options
Custom Priced Per Business
Custom delivery solutions designed to enhance and improve customer service for your unique business
Customized notifications and real-time tracking maps designed and branded to your business
Strategic Warehousing to store products in prime locations around town to deliver faster and or test new markets for businesses
Monthly Invoiced Billing
REquest Free Consultation
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What YOu Get

Features Included in All Plans

Key features included in ZipSendr Services
Quick Quoting
Fast Scheduling
Status Notifications
Real-time Order Tracking
Proof of Delivery
On-demand Delivery
Friendly Sprinters
Live Support
Delivery History
Background-checked Sprinters
Referral Bonuses
Delivery Windows
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Some of Our Mentions

"Thanks for providing us with such an outstanding delivery service! You guys rock!"
Amanda W.
Southern Baked Pie
"Great service. A customer of ours used the service to send us an item to pack and ship to Texas. They didn't have the time to bring it so they used ZipSendr to make the delivery so we could ship it."
Rahcel W.
The UPS Store
"Once we met ZipSendr we knew we found a partner that would be able to maintain the quality we promise to our customers. Thank you for allowing us to focus on making food (what we do best) while you handle the logistics”
Jennifer P.
Pharm to Table
"Very courteous and timely. Packages always arrive with no issues. Highly recommend."
Courtney P.
Anderson Center for Hair
"ZipSendr delivered my medications on time and the person delivering it was most friendly and cordial. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who could use that type of service."​
Jon R.
"ZipSendr saved me from having to run around town picking up and delivering paperwork. Saved me time, headache, and money."
Timothy R.