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Give it to ZipSendr...We'll Get it there!

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Wine & Dessert Party

Delivery Types

Box Delivery

On Demand

Delivery scheduled to be picked up within 1-2 hours of current time.  Great for those last minute orders for customers who "Need it Now".

Delivery Man


Delivery for pickup 2 hours from now or 5 days from now.  Useful for those orders that just need to get there today sometime or for those that are planners and want to schedule ahead of time and save money.

Checking Inventory


Delivery for those businesses that send multiple items per day and want a scheduled daily pickup with discounted pricing.  

NYC Skyline BW

Use Cases


We can pickup and drop-off anything small enough to fit in a car. For businesses, professionals, and individuals.

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We can go pickup return for retailers. Faster, safer returns to ensure proper inventory handling and resale.

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Inventory Balance

Make the sale even If you don't have inventory in stock.  We can go pickup the product from another store and deliver it to the customer the same day.

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Forgotten items or last minute errands, we can go pickup or drop-off things to make your life easier and convenient.

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